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Friday, 27 January 2017

FAME Club Project

So I am working on two projects at once, something I try not to do as it leads to getting sidetracked. However, this is our club project, and I'd like to have the initial interior/exterior decorating and assembly done before our next meeting, in a little over two weeks. To me, this means the structure is stable, screwed together, painted, with lighting ready to go in place, ready to fill with stuff from my stash.

It's a very simple shop, quite shallow, with a bay window. I hope to create a shabby chic flower shop out of it, as I have a lot of white wire furniture for one, not to mention years of hand-made flowers and plants that currently reside in egg cartons for storage.

The base coat for the interior was a light gray, covered by two coats of antique white; unfortunately, the antique white paint is not my favourite brand, but a dollar store brand and two coats are not enough. Also, I have made a mess of masking my corners. So I think I need to screw the thing together, before I mark the walls and repaint. Oh well.

The door in mine will be fixed; the whole front will, hopefully, swing out for access. My inspiration for the project is a cross between Iris Arentz's wonderfully crowded shops combined with near-white finishes inspired by a number of international artists. I found THE perfect example, but didn't know how to put a photo in an inspiration folder then, and of course, now that I've learned how to do that, I simply can't find it again. I hope to trip over it one of these days.

I am putting more leaves on the Japanese maple for the other project....

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  1. Un bonito proyecto,está bien tener dos cosas a la vez,activa la imaginación!!