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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Progress on Market Hall People

Well, I had hoped for more progress, but we are getting there; from left to right, a Tudor Merchant's wife, she is in underwear, socks, and the modesty piece of her dress. Her dress has some complicated bits, and I am trying to simplify it a little. The original was wool, and she is just too small for a wool dress, so I have to find something that looks like wool but is quite thin. I think I may cheat a little and back the pieces for her bodice with iron-on interfacing, which will make it possible to glue the hems on her bodice rather than try to sew them.

 Next, a Tudor labourer, he is half dressed, waiting to have his sleeves sewn in, his jerkin and kerchief added, and then his boots and hat, once he has hair. I am kind of tempted to try a beard on this one, he looks quite gormless right now. Also, the poor dear lost the rim of his left ear when I put his shirt on, so I have to do some ear surgery - with super-glue!

Then we have the wealthy lady; she is the least dressed of the lot, only has socks and drawers at this point. She needs a rather more elaborate gown, so I have to come up with some fabric choices.

 The Tudor merchant lady is next, she  needs her over-bodice, sleeves, head-dress and hair and she is done. She will wear a belt and purse over her skirt and apron, and I have a lovely one that was a tidbit at Camp MiniHaHa the Year of the Castle.

Last is yesterday's lady, now complete. I wish her lovely skirt was more visible! Before I wear out completely, I will give the semi-dressed ones the uppers of their shoes and boots, and perhaps give the wealthy lady a petticoat so she won't have to be embarrassed.

They may  not all be ready for exhibition on Saturday, but I hope to have at least three of them ready to go, and I do have a sense of some progress!


  1. Your people look wonderful! Somehow I didn't see your last couple of posts on my blog 'til tonight! I think your progress with all the little pieces for the Camp is so admirable! I am very bad at deadlines.... I look forward to seeing the marketplace with the people (I hope you will show some pictures After the camp is over... no stress now!) I love medieval costume and hope to make my dolls for my Castle Someday! At the moment I have dressed a couple of them, but the guard still has no real clothes and the Monk wears only his under-robe! I have made mine with some very fine wool even though it is a little bulky for scale. I look forward to seeing yours done!

  2. Un gran avance,esos personajes van cobrando vida!!!!

  3. Your people are all wonderful. You can see their personality's emerging. You are doing a fantastic job on their clothes. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs Maria