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Monday, 5 September 2016

Books All Over the Worktop Again

The small books are the ones that will open, the flat ones are magazines, and the pile below the glue bottle are the covers for the closed books. I was trying to cut pieces off my old chequebook - just as I ordered and paid for the cheques, the company changed hands and the cheques became useless - but I can't seem to cut the thick (4 mm) pad straight, not even with a new blade.

So I will quit until tomorrow, as I now have to cut nearly 100 tiny rectangles of mat board and glue 3 of them together to make the insides of the non-functional books. My back hurts.

The doll dressing project has to wait a day or so, as the sewing room is in use besides being a very untidy mess right now. While waiting for glue to dry tomorrow, I will try to sort out the boxes and piles in the sewing room, so I can work in some semblance of order....

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