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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Fall Leisure Expo Display

We got to the venue an hour and half before the doors opened to the public, so we were able to set up at our leisure. The building was very hot and humid, but once we were able to prop open a door into a hallway (held in place with a weight from a weightlifting bar - we were in a gym), we had a very nice breeze in our corner.

We were set up right next to the display area, so during the 4 hours we were there, had front-row seats for all the demonstrations: fencing, karate, highland dancing, jazz dancing, zoomba, rhythmic gymnastics, lots to see. There were a lot of organizations present, including Scouts and Girl Guides Canada, various Armed Forces cadet groups, pipe and drum bands, synchronized swimmers, square dancers, a greyhound dog rescue group complete with lovely dogs, competitive swimmers, a medieval re-enactment group, boxers, and even choirs, churches and similar groups. I am sure there are any number I've missed in the above list.

We were in a corner, and those bars behind us are volleyball and badminton net poles. The Tudor Market was in the centre, with CMHH projects from the past two years at either end, and many other displays in between. We had a gratifying amount of interest in our work and our group.

Marilyn was set up diagonally to our display table, and demonstrated how to make her Irish Cottage walls, inside and out, look like harling and rough plaster. I think she got the whole thing plastered during our 4 hours at the Expo.

Louise provided copies of our show poster for visitors to our display to take home with them as a reminder to come to the show. Very few were left at the end of the day.

All in all, it was a good day and another good way to make the miniatures hobby visible to newly arrived Armed Forces personnel and other visitors to the event. Hopefully, we might get a new member out of our day out.

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