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Monday, 27 June 2016

Two Rugs Done

And they're done. It was still nice out this evening, although the wind is starting to come up, so I took the photo on a large rock in the garden.

I tend to pride myself on the neat backs of my rugs, but must admit that the rug on the left has rather more threads travelling than I usually like; the pattern required it. The hems are mitered, sewn with a flexible stitch, a herringbone variation, in case they go out of square; flexible stitches allow the rugs to be re-stretched. And the fringes are hand-knotted, one 3-strand looped tassel in every second hole in the canvas. I use an old, very fine crochet hook for this.

Think I'll start a couple of cushions to go with the lighter rug; perhaps I'll attempt a Jacobean foot stool or bench while I am at it....

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