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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

....And Back to UnFinished Objects

Now that I don't have to make up 5 kits to go into 16 project kits each, I can go back to some of the things I was doing before the class. Yesterday and today I went back to work on the little Holbein rug, and things are going pretty good. My new task glasses work well, although when I look up from my work everything is very blurry.

The right border and right row of hexagons are done, while the others are ready to get to work on. I have at least one more partially done rug to finish, another Holbein although it is in a darker colour variation, as well as any number of other things just calling to me....

I do like the coppery rust colour in the border, and can't wait to get this rug done. There are more embroidery designs waiting for me.

The most difficult thing with this design is the amount of detail; however, I find that working it as uninterrupted as possible makes it easier to keep track, i.e., for the chained border, I zigzag along, going down and then back up.That is followed by the contrast centres, which makes it easier to do the dark outline, and filling in the background is the last thing to be done. The pattern keeps falling off my lap, which is also in high demand by our family cat!


  1. You have been Very Very busy! The carpet looks great! One of these days I will feel ready to "graduate" to stitching a rug not just little cushions! Your comments about the order you are stitching the different parts is the helpful sort of information that amateurs need! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ánimo con esa alfombra que tiene un diseño precioso!!!

  3. Your rug is Very Pretty and I Love the Rich colors you've chosen.