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Monday, 6 June 2016

Class Report

Today was the day of the mini class for which I created the prototypes. There were 9 students, and they got pretty much everything done except for the braided rug.

We only lost 2 bench legs to splitting while cutting out the V-shape on the bottoms, and one of the braces was cut wrong; as I make mistakes myself, I always bring extra pieces for just such little emergencies, so no worries!

The students, some of whom also came to my class last year when we filled up a Michael's hutch, enjoyed themselves very much; one of the benches is being painted to match the hutch, to become part of a small set, hopefully to go into the corner vignette we will be making come November.

As people left at different times during the course of the afternoon, I have no photos to show you; however, they all promised to send me photos of their finished projects. I'll post them here on the blog.

As I was picking up my box to carry out to the car, I sliced the side of my finger on the cutter of the wax paper box; ouch! It bled like a faucet, dripping all over everything, but fortunately there was a roll of paper towel handy, and two adhesive bandages later, I was able to drive home.

Tomorrow I sort out all the tools and put them where they belong....

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