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Monday, 20 June 2016

More Student Work

Yesterday evening, an email dropped into my inbox with photos of 4 of the finished projects from the June 6 class, as well as a separate email with a fifth.

I don't know all the makers, but suspect Jeanne, Helen, Barb, and an unknown maker for the four that came as a group. The fifth came from Mary Lou, who is also a member of our local miniatures group, FAME.

This photo was taken at the studio, as a couple of unpainted canvasses were used to create the background.

This is probably another photo taken at the studio; I really like the deep fringing on the teacloth.

Another studio photo.

Love the daisies painted along the edge of this one! Also, another finished braided rug.

This one is Mary Lou's; she had never worked with polymer clay before, and thinks she may to want to experiment further with it.

It is very rewarding for an instructor to be able to see the finished projects! Thanks to all the ladies who took the time to send their photos to me.


  1. I'm envious. These are lovely! I wish I could have taken the class.

    1. There are extra kits, Joanna, but I'd have to come and teach....

      Thank you to all the nice people who come to take a look and comment on our efforts.