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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tiny Cushions (and Much Shoulder Pain!)

Oh, my aching shoulder! Here are six new pillows, worked in 26 ct for the top 4 and 22 ct for the lower 2. Each is backed with a colour that matches the trim row around the edge. That is the last of the pieces for the show, unless I can manage to finish the braided rug to go into my lamp base vignette. The show is on Saturday, and our local mini group will have a display, so I have to tidy up the scent shop vignette, as well as mount a display of my miniature Tudor embroidery pieces.

They were fun to do, but the problem that has developed in my right shoulder/collarbone area makes long periods of doing any one thing problematical; hence, so few postings lately. I have a doctor's appointment in early June....

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  1. Hi Marijke, Best of luck with your Miniature event this weekend. I'm friends with the deputy mayor of Moncton who sent me an email today with news on the Miniature Show in Moncton! Looks like it will be lots of fun.