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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

After the Show

It's too late for a photo today, but I picked up the scruffiest-looking semi-furred cat you have ever seen from one of the antiques/vintage dealers at the show. I think it was someone's first attempt at sculpting and furring, as the cat's body is made of pink polymer clay. However, the "fur" and the glue kind of got mixed up, so the cat looks as if it has had a long crawl through a garbage bin.

Currently, I am working on a set of seasonal miniature pillows; the wreath for the Spring one is done, and the frame is in place. Half of the Summer wreath is also done, there are more colour changes in this one. The fabric is 26 ct, on which I can work the design without my glasses, but I suspect I will have to use the magnifier on my lamp to work the background. As they get finished, I'll post photos.

The trip to Halifax was hellish, there is no other way to describe it; rain for the whole 5 hours on a high-speed highway, and the amount of spray thrown up by other automobiles on the road left you driving blind half the time. I was very glad to get there, undamaged and in one piece. The trip back was much better, with dry roads,blue skies and sunshine; now that we are on daylight savings time, it is light until about 8 p.m., then we have an hour of twilight. Makes for better driving, but the deer were very close to the road....

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