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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Another Neat Plant

Last evening, I did manage to finish the Christmas Rose plant; the little plant pots are approx. 12 mm or about half an inch in diameter, to give an idea of the size of this plant and the previous one.

Another piece with many tiny leaves, a dozen buds in two different sizes, and the Christmas Roses themselves. There are two more plants in the series, but I have to pick up the right colour of sand for them, and set aside at least a day each to make them.

Now I get to do an inventory of my "Shop in a Box", to take with me to the CFB Shearwater Hobby Show. And there are a number of things I made that need to be packed up, labelled and priced. Also, I have to tidy up last year's Camp MiniHaHa project, the lamp base one, to take along with me for display at the show. I began a braided rug for it, but got sidetracked (quite common in the miniaturing community!), that I'd really like to finish up tomorrow afternoon.

With luck, I will find some treasures at the show this weekend - there are always several toy dealers who carry a very interesting range of antique or vintage toys, some of which can be used in minis. Now to hope there is no snow to mess with our travel plans....

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