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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Miniature Knotted Fringe Attempt

As our mini group had a display at the recent Moncton Miniature and Doll Show, I had mounted some of my personal embroidered pieces for viewing; the items were pulled from the Tudor Market Hall and the Tudor House, with the addition of a wonderful "faded" antique carpet that I just love.
Years ago, I had made a hinged display board out of foamcore, Bristol board and fabric, with a bit of braid trim for appeal. It occurred to me that the two halves could also be used separately, so that is what I did on Saturday.

It looked pretty good, so I am leaving these pieces on the board as we have a display for the model car club show to prepare, at the end of the month. They saw us at the model railroad show, and pretty much begged us to come to their show too - I guess we are supposed to occupy the wives and daughters of the model car club visitors....

Just before the show, I decided to attempt a knotted fringe for a medieval table carpet; I worked it on a macramé board, using a 1/4" graph paper underlay for spacing. Let me tell you, while the first set of knots weren't a problem, the two later ones were a different story; the spacing was so small that the pins interfered with the knotting process. I may never do this again for a miniature, but I am quite pleased with the effect.

The note on top refers to the millefleurs wall hanging, by the way; this piece was done on 24 ct canvas and doesn't have near that many stitches. Table carpets were a sign that you had cash to burn; they had to come from incredibly far away, and had to pass through many hands before they got to you. So the elaborate fringing is part of the snob appeal of a table carpet, with the carpet portion lying on the table and the knotted fringe hanging elegantly over the edges. While the first set of knots was made 1/8" from the edge, the other two were 1/4" apart. It looks pretty, but I really had to twist my fingers to do this.

My bum shoulder won't let me do any embroidery or knitting, and I am getting a little nuts from not having something to do, in my hands. Guess I'd better cultivate some more patience....

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