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Friday, 10 February 2017

Working on Two Things at Once....

....results in piles of stuff all over the place!

And now the computer is giving me error messages and doing very weird things! Let's see if it will allow me to put a photo on the blog: Yay!

The shabby chic shop has been disassembled, with bits cut off, and is now being painted prior to re-assembling. I just hope that I have enough pale grey paint to finish this project, as I can't purchase my favourite paint brand, Ceramcoat, here in my part of Canada any more. You can just see through the window in my work area here; can you tell we had more than 25 cm (10-12" of snow overnight? And our temperatures are below zero Celsius, in the double digits.

And then there is the gatehouse assembly project:

So the gatehouse is being glued up, upstairs on the kitchen counter. It turned out that we couldn't make actual moving gates, so instead we have a single fixed gate; you will just have to develop a willful suspension of disbelief. The dark brown lintel down below is what will hold everything in place once the gate is permanently positioned. For now, I need to be able to move the gatehouse out of the way while I work on the gardening plan.

Back to work; I have to do the second coat of whitewash on the shop project, let that dry overnight, and then sand things down to look shabby chic. Then I can let my mind wander with television for a couple of hours, before it is time for bed.


  1. Ánimo que poco a poco quedará tal y como la has planteado!!!!
    Menudo frío,es buen tiempo para miniaturas al calor de casa!!

  2. Today we are having a genuine blizzard, the snow is piled up to the windowsills and beyond; indeed a good day to work on minis! My camera needs new batteries, so I will try to borrow one to put some photos of my progress and the weather conditions on the blog.