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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Another Storm Day

The office at my volunteer job closed again today, due to another storm. It doesn't seem to have hit us as badly as forecast, but I was happy not to have to drive in blowing snow.

So I worked on some plants for the FAME club project:

The shape of the shop is coming together, and I found a vanity from my very first Camp MiniHaHa, more than a dozen years ago, that with a little bit of dressing up will work well in this project. It is painted the same colour grey as the base coat of the building, but needs some knobs and some decorations. I'm going to experiment with card designs made with floral punches.

The two caladium plants are made from printies that I got in a yard sale kit some years ago; they were intended to go on a plant stand, but the construction is the sort that will, inevitably. come apart as soon as you touch it, as it is all butt joints. The other plant, which I think is a Heliconia of some sort, I made more years ago than I can remember.

I've also placed a geranium, the snowberries, a small china jug with daisies and buttercups, and a couple of very old Paulownias (African violets), planted in toothpaste tube cap planters.

My idea is that all the colours will be sort of faded, with the occasional spot of brighter colour, but all against a very neutral, very white/grey sort of background. I also found a cheap tiny Christmas angel in my stash, and that has been painted to look like a concrete or stone garden ornament, but it was too wet still to put into the photo.

Back to thinking what else I can place in this vignette. I have so many plants made, and so much stuff to go into a flower shop, that I can easily fill this one and more besides!


  1. Looking great, Marijke. I like how you cut off the roof part over the window and stood it on top. It'll be a perfect spot for your sign. Looking forward to seeing it on Tuesday. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB

  2. The plants, flowers and vanity table look wonderful! This is a perfect project to bring spring's hope into a dreary winter day!