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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Miniature Paper Hyacinths and an Amaryllis

And this is yesterday's work; three hyacinths and a potted amaryllis, complete with bulb. The photo is slightly tilted....

Today I hope to pot up the various daffodils, and once that is done, that is all I'm prepared to do for the show this Saturday. The cut I got on my right index finger cutting the petals for the amaryllis is just about healed; I caught it in the side of the punch trying to position the paper properly (I needed only a part of the punch, on a fold line). Who would have thought making paper flowers could be harmful to your health? That cut bled like crazy, so I must have nicked an artery or something.

Once all the flowers are potted up, I'll take a group photo, as what I was trying to do was create a mass of eye-catching colour.


  1. Oh my God, Marijke - I love that amaryllis!!! I have to have it! I hope it will be for sale at the show on Saturday. - Marilyn d., Oromocto, NB