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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Still Working Away....

Just wanted to prove that I was still hard at work. At this point, only the grape hyacinths and the crocuses are "planted", although I need to add some labels to the boxes. The daffodils and the amaryllis need bulbs, and there aren't nearly enough daffodil leaves in the green container as yet. And the pot the single grape hyacinth is in needs aging.

The basket and small bowl are auditioning to see if they would look good with plants in them; I think the basket might be too big, and the bowl too small. However, I do have some good instructions for making enamel or zinc containers out of card.


  1. Vas por muy buen camino,las plantas son preciosas!!!!

  2. I love the look of your grape hyacinths-the blue looks Spot On! I know that it takes a long time to cut , paint and assemble each individual flower so judging by what you have show, you HAVE indeed been Very Busy! :D