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Monday, 25 April 2016

Feeling Like Spring

Last week Sunday I spent all day at Keukenhof, the bulb gardens in The Netherlands, drooling over all the lovely blooming stuff. Except for one tremendous 15-minute downpour, the day was lovely and I think I got a little bit of a suntan.

There was a rose show on in the large pavilion, and I have never seen so many multi-coloured roses; I just fell in love with the red and yellow and white striped versions that were on display. Of course, it is unlikely I will ever be able to grow them - I live in USDA Agricultural Zone 3B after all - but I may just try some of them in miniature one day.

When I got home, there were lots of forwarded how-to's in my inbox, from a mini friend back in Amsterdam. I decided to look at all the wonderful ideas she had forwarded to me, and found a wealth of bulb plants to try.

So that is what I am working on right now; I have a show and sale in Moncton, NB on May 7, and flowers are going to be all over my table. No photos yet today, as I am working assembly-line style and none are really finished yet, but they will come. I started with 3 distinct types of daffodils; my tendency is to follow instructions, and once I have done them once, I make my own "improvements" to the process. Some of these bulb plants will actually have bulbs, so I have to dig out the polymer clay.

In my own garden, I have early tulips well above ground that will bloom in a couple of weeks or so, along with daffodils and primroses; all flowers that announce spring, and that I just love to see appear. The insane robin is back also, attacking itself in the workshop window and leaving its droppings all over the glass. I hope the stupid thing finds a mate soon and builds its nest, and leaves my windows alone!

I see a lot of glue and paper in my near future....


  1. Looking forward to seeing all your incredible flowers at the Moncton show. Road Trip!!!! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB

  2. Your flowers sound wonderful and I really like the idea of adding mini bulbs into the mix as well, and I can't wait to see them!!!! :D
    I live on the other side of Canada and would you believe that I have roses already in bloom?!?! After a wet and bitter March, April has surprised us and the weather has often felt as warm as summer rather than early spring. And although I still have sweet spring violets blooming in my garden, the tulips and my daffodils have already long faded away.