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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Working Away....

The last couple of days I have been on a cooking binge, miniature cooking, that is. To date, I have produced 8 assorted pizzas in boxes, 8 steak pie and fries plates, and the components for an equal number of chicken and fries, battered sausage and fries, and fish and chips take-aways. Some of the latter have still to be put on plates. (Sliced black olives in miniature are very tiny indeed!)

In vain, I have been searching for a take-out flat basket of the sort you get nachos, etc. in; all I seem to be able to find is logo-covered advertising, which I hesitate to use, and I don't really want to do any free advertising anyways. I may have to design my own, but am not clever enough to be able to put a pattern on the container.

Tomorrow I hope to have some photos; maybe not of everything, but of things made up and things  just about done. The fries actually have "salt"! These items will go to stock my shop in a box that I take to shows, and anything that doesn't sell can go into the snack shack from the previous post.

It's been fun, and part of the work has been experimenting with liquid polymer clay; that is something of a learning curve!

In between miniature cooking, I am getting kits together for a hobby class I am doing with seniors next week, weather permitting. We are decorating the inside of my last Michael's hutches, and putting together a number of small paper, card and bead craft projects to begin filling them up. I hope to take photos of people's projects at the end of the hobby session to share with you.

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