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Saturday, 7 March 2015

....And the Rest of the Food

Fish and chips, with ketchup and a lemon wedge, in a basket - it actually looks like a real take-out basket! Each piece of fish has had a bite taken out of it, to show the succulent white interior, and each basket has two pieces of battered fish. The fish batter is actually a coating of blended, powdered chalk pastels, very effective for making thin coatings. The pastels are brushed onto the unbaked polymer clay, and adhere to the clay during the baking process. Once baked, the items are given a coat of matte varnish to prevent the chalks from eventually rubbing off. The French fries are also dusted with powdered chalks; underneath, they are a raw, creamy potato colour.

Fried chicken and french fries, with ketchup, of course! Half are a breast piece and a wing, the other half a drumstick and thigh. These were fun to make; they used modeller's varnish and glass stain to get the effect of fried chicken, with yellow decorator's sand creating the "crunchy" coating. The fried chicken instructions were by Kiva Atkinson , from an old issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine.

And last, this might not be so familiar to North American fast food gourmets; it's battered sausages and chips, with mustard for the sausage and ketchup for the fries. This very British Isles dish is a version of our corn dogs, or pogos, except that they use a flour-based batter, like that used for fish. As mentioned earlier, anything that doesn't sell can go into my snack shack vignette, which is British (as no one here could read Dutch if I made it a Dutch market with Dutch signage!), and which will go into the between-the-wars  market setting. The sausages, like the steak pies, were made with caning, in which a covering is wrapped around a filling, just like the real thing, and once again, blended powdered chalks provide the colouring.

That's it for now; tomorrow I have to finish up the stuff for the hobby class I'm teaching on Monday, and then there is a Ball-Jointed Doll sweater to finish up. Once that is done, back to minis for the shows.

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