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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Little More Mini Fast Food

Well, it's been a week; I got the flu, worked an extra day at my volunteer job (a special event), went to a funeral, and got hit by yet another snow storm/blizzard. But I did finally get up and get to work and put together some more miniature food.

Tiny hot dogs in buns, and baked potatoes with parsley and butter in foil. Now I have to go and buy supplies, i.e. a certain colour of polymer clay I am completely out of, and some ecru cotton batiste fabric to dress one of the ladies for the Tudor market. Her shoes and leather vest are ready to go, but she needs her undergarments before I can continue working.

This Saturday I am scheduled to work another day at the special event, but there is yet another snow storm in the forecast....

I am so very sick of winter!

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