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Monday, 12 May 2014

The Sun Is Back

Yesterday, I ran into some problems posting photos again, although it did work at last. This is another attempt to see if I have the photo problem beat.

Well, that worked! This is another old project, a wild garden setting. The flowers and plants include trout lilies, the little yellow ones in the foreground, a trillium on the left, bull rushes in the back and wild irises in front of them. The bird is a chickadee, which we have here year 'round.

The trout lilies (also called yellow dogtooth) grow wild around the back of our garage; these small flowers are very cheerful, as they come out very early in the spring. They aren't out yet, though. There is a pale lavender version of it, which I used to see in Ontario years ago, but have never seen here in the Canadian Maritimes. Our wild irises come in a pale version, and also in the deep blue version that is known as a blue flag iris. Trilliums show up rarely; they don't seem to like the northern parts of Canada too much, although they are found all over Ontario.I tried to keep one on our property alive, but apparently the ground had been disturbed too much for it.

Most of the day it rained, but now that evening is arriving, the sun has come out. Between yesterday and today, the leaves on the crab apple tree are popping open, and there are catkins everywhere else. Even the mountain ash is showing fat leaf buds, they'll likely open soon.

It has been a very long winter here; in two weeks' time I've gone from snow boots to bare feet in sandals. The Saint John River is very high, and there has been flooding in low-lying areas for a couple of weeks. Luckily, I live well above the river valley, it would have to be a flood of biblical proportions to affect our house, but one does feel sorry for all those in the river valley.

Hopefully, I have the photo problem licked!

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