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Saturday, 24 May 2014

It's Going to be Quiet Here for a While!

Once I have a couple of medical appointments over and done with, my carpenter-in-chief and I are heading out for an adventure in driving. Two of our three children live in Alberta, and they both have houses of their own now, so we are delivering ALL those things they've been storing here forever to them, and crossing much of Canada in the process once again, which means there will likely be no posts until July. All too many of our Maritime university graduates end up on Alberta and other points west, because that is where all the jobs are now. Our neck of the woods is rapidly becoming a haven for seniors, with schools about to close as there are no youngsters to attend them any more.

Although I harbour a secret hope that this will not be my last long road trip, I have to admit that the C-in-C is not that fond of long drives, unlike me. We plan to travel the northern route to the Ontario-Manitoba border, where we will have to join the Trans-Canada Highway for a while, and then we hope to head off along the Yellowhead Highway, on the way to Slave Lake and then south a bit to Edmonton.

On the way back, we hope to dip into Wisconsin for a visit to the House on the Rock and its miniatures for me, and Taliesin East for the C-in-C, although I also enjoy Wright's architecture; a few years ago we visited Taliesin West in Arizona, and we are interested in seeing how this northern setting differs from the southern one.

Please check back in to the blog in July - I should have some photos and other things to share with you at that time. Thank you all for following this blog, and encouraging me to finish some of my projects in the process.

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