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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

The sun was shining, the trees in the garden are showing a haze of green, and a crazy robin keeps attacking all our windows; what you see behind the window  is bird netting, which is currently draped around several sides of the house. It seems each time we drape a net, he finds a different window to attack. Considering we live in the middle of a lot of trees and "wild" land, why do they have to come and nest right on our house and drive us crazy with their aggression? The attack isn't the worst thing; if they get really ticked off at that other robin in the window, they poop and poop and poop..... Did you know the scientific name for a robin is Turdus? Guess we now know why.

There is nothing new to show, so I thought I'd post an old bird-feeder garden project. I made six or so of these years ago, and sold all but this one. The flowers in this garden are a mix of paper, dried flowers, railroad foliage clumps, and flower foam. If I remember correctly, this project is at least ten years old, which shows that if you keep dried and paper flowers out of direct sunshine, they last a good, long time. I hadn't yet mastered wire feet for birds back then, so these two just sit on their bellies.

The birds are mourning doves; we see them here for much of the year. They are very attractive birds, but their call is so sad and depressed, and totally unmistakable. I do enjoy their beige and pale peach colouring.

Currently I am working on a small commission, making up a prototype to run by my client. I hope to be able to show it tomorrow, weather permitting, as the garden is calling out for some more mulch removal, but I do need the sun for that. And currently the sky is clouding over....

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