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Friday, 11 October 2013

I Promised Photos of My New Dog, plus Camp MiniHaHa Gifts and Tidbits

The sun was shining today, so I took some photos of my dog (miniature, of course) and the exchange gifts and tidbits I got at Camp MiniHaHa '13.

For now, his name is Brutus, and he is a hairy Irish Wolfhound. Brutus was made by Aleeta Kent, of Art Dolls and Miniatures, a real-life veterinarian who is a miniaturist in her free time. Aleeta lives in Grand Prairie, AB, Canada and was a fellow camper a couple of years ago who returned this year with this handsome fellow I had asked her to try and make for me.

One of Brutus`forelegs is lifted, as if he is walking, or perhaps the better word would be, loping along, long and gangly just like a real Irish Wolfhound. He has pads and claws on all four feet!

You can just see his claws on his lifted front foot. All four feet are slightly brown, as if he has been walking in the mud, and he also has some brown around his muzzle, perhaps he took a drink from a muddy puddle along the way. Irish Wolfhounds are one of my favourite dogs, unfortunately I will never own a real one, but Brutus is a good replacement - never needs a walk! He will go into my Tudor Market scene, once I have finished and dressed his master. Brutus is covered with natural wool `fur` in several shades of gray, one of the main colours of an Irish Wolfhound. I love him!

As well, I had promised photos of the gift exchange items and tidbits I got at Camp MiniHaHa this year. Each day at lunch, we get a bag of tidbits, little goodies each camper makes or buys. The photo below is of these tidbits:

The range is amazing: a roll of excellent printies, a bag of small tools, a bag of landscaping materials, lipstick and nail polish on a tray, perfumes on a tray, a melting pearl snowman, a stool, a lavender and a succulent plant, a pink chick in a basket, a tiny basket, watering can and bucket combo, a pin, a readable recipe book with chocolate recipes, a shirt, a fire extinguisher, a YSL attaché case, terra-cotta vase, handmade ceramic bowl with kitty kibbles and a printie for a cat treat box, cookies, a fly swatter, a kitchen witch, a cake, a robin with its nest and eggs, a Jane Austen bonnet and parasol, magazines and candles, a small quilled bowl, a  hobbyhorse, a suncatcher, and a wooden open and closed sign . Whew!

And then we have the exchange gifts; these vary for all campers, each evening after supper we draw names. Each camper who participates in this event brings 5 exchange gifts, so you go home with 5 different items, and everyone, of course, ends up with different items.

So this year, I came home with a ladies` fancies set, with the loveliest little necklace, hatbox, boxed set of shoes and a letter, most of which will end up in last year`s camp project; a spokeshave bench, which will go into the Tudor Market scene; a complete s`mores set on a cutting board, with extra marshmallows and a chocolate bar; a fish-pond in a garden; and a yummy cake and a tassel angel in a shopping bag - the cake will go into my between-the-wars market, and the angel will go into the projected Christmas market stall. We all oooh and aaah at the gifts each evening, and deep in our hearts wish for ones that particularly speak to us, and to be able to work them in a scene is a double gift. Sometimes, these exchange gifts are the spark for a whole, another project!

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