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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Didn't Accomplish Much....

First off, welcome to Beatriz. I hope you enjoy visiting this blog.

With help, I managed to hold a page for the MiniTreasures Wiki Advent Calendar this year, so it will be a learning curve for me to get a photo up. As I am a bit of a computer idiot, I will start on that on Monday, giving me lots of time to sort things out! I had tried last year, and couldn't figure it out, but did save the project I want to feature in hopes of managing to get in this year. Yeay!

Yesterday was my birthday, and one of my gifts was a Breyer horse kit for a 1/12th scale horse to paint and "wig" to my taste. This should be fun, I will have to research horse colours in the period for which I will designate this particular horse. I already have a dapple gray and a bay for my Tudor market scene, although both need the appropriate tack etc. for the period, but this horse may just end up between the shafts of a buggy kit I've had sitting around forever; the finished product could go into my between-the-wars market scene. As a child in The Netherlands, the milkman, baker and pig swill people all came around with horse-drawn wagons, well into the fifties. At times during school vacations I'd be allowed to travel a few blocks with the tradesman and that was such a big deal for me!

Today, I visited an antiques show, and I actually picked up a mini. It is a twelfth scale bisque baby, arms and legs articulated with copper wire, that I will have to dress. In my stash for a nursery shop project, I have a Moses basket, so I have put the poor naked babe in that for now; once the pawn shop project is built, I will do some tiny knitting. Some years ago, an acquaintance who does machine knitting gave me some very fine single ply sock yarn ideal for miniature knitting, and I know I have an old Swallowhill Dolls knitting kit somewhere in my stuff. That nursery shop is another project on my UFO list! Now I do not allow myself to start a new project before finishing the previous one, to avoid further cluttering up my space, which is why I set a deadline for the pawn shop project.  

 Also at the show I saw a twelfth scale beer wagon complete with plastic heavy horses, barrels and driver, but I didn't buy it. And the most fabulous Greenland umiak (Inuit skin canoe) that appeared close to twelfth scale, complete with ivory fittings, harpoons, knives, and ivory and wood oars. Unfortunately, it cost between $500 and $700, so regretfully, very regretfully, I walked away. Has anyone ever made an Inuit miniature scene, I wonder?

My self-imposed deadline for the pawn shop was this evening, and obviously I haven't been able to meet it; we decided on too many structural changes that required re-measuring and re-thinking. So Monday it's back to work on that project, I'll be kind to myself and give me another week to try and get it done. Then there is the Hallowe'en project from a couple of years ago that just needs a little tweaking....

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