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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Off to Camp MiniHaHa '13 in the Morning

Everything is just about packed; it has to go in the car tonight, as I have to leave at 7:30 to meet a friend for coffee 2 hrs. up the road, then meet another friend at the Halifax Airport at 1 p.m. As usual, I didn't get everything done that I had hoped, seems to be business as usual...

So I was into large-scale manufacturing, the photo above is of my tidbit gifts; I made 38 of these little succulents. Thanks to Blue Kitty for the instructions, and also to Dollhouse T.V. for teaching me a method to use paper punches on polymer clay - that opens a whole new direction for me to explore in the future. But boy, do you have to roll the clay out thinly! And of course, you have to use a release agent for every punch; there were 5 punchies per plant!

With permission from my fellow campers, I hope to post some photos here when I get back. And I will remember to take photos of my progress on this year's camp project, a streetscape vignette; I am cheating a bit and making mine rather smaller than everyone else, as I am running out of space for big projects. There will be some size differences to contend with, so I don't know just how far I will get with the project.

Back in a week!


  1. Those succulents look amazing, Mom! I think everyone at camp will be thrilled to receive those tidbits. Have fun!

  2. I loveeee these! They are amazing!