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Monday, 2 September 2013

Working Away at the Inside of the CMHH Vignette

No photo today, I am having some camera problems, which I hope to solve tomorrow. I have begun to build the furnishings for inside the shop, thinking I'd better get going since Camp MiniHaHa '13 is now only about 3 weeks away. The deadline I set myself for this vignette is camp, as I hope to display it there - no, I will display it there!

It will be somewhat incomplete as far as shop stock is concerned, but the outside will be pretty much done and my idea for the inside will be apparent. Many bottles of pretty scented stuff are needed, as well as bars of soap and other wonderful items one might find in a small scent shop in the perfume fields area of France. And of course, there are still more lavender plants to be made, they are quite integral to the scene. That will take time, and I am running out of it a little....

It's been a very damp, rainy, gloomy Labour Day weekend; I do hope the sun comes out soon.