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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Catching Up and Minis Again

I was able to have a brief, mini holiday with like-minded friends. While there, I began work on a commission for roses, to fill an incredible silver repousse vase. Today, I delivered the commission; below you will see the photo, taken at our club meeting this evening:

You can click on them to see them close-up. I am kind of surprised at how well they turned out! There is a baker's dozen of roses in the vase, along with three sprigs of baby's breath, and some rose foliage.

Before going on holiday, my younger daughter and I took a day off from working on minis, in my case, and from packing, in her case, to make a flying visit to the Guild School in Castine, ME. We hadn't planned on going, as this was just after the political brouhaha regarding our Prime Minister being castigated by the President, but we were so tired of what we were doing that we just went. Two ladies I had met in Edmonton were students at the school, as well as a number of alumni of Camp MiniHaHa. I just love seeing the displays at the school, and the people there are always very friendly and chatty.

 My daughter and I had a lovely day out, and were able to return to our respective jobs with renewed zeal. Since then, she has moved back to Alberta, and I am slowly getting things tidied up and things finished. Stay tuned, I also finished a flat of primroses, complete with ladybug on one of the leaves, and have begun an amaryllis plant for the flower shop's summer display.

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