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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Book Vignette Lit Up

The above photo is of the CMHH '15 books vignette lit up; the street lamp is also lit up, but because it is broad daylight, it doesn't show. At the moment, there is a small bookshelf outside on the sidewalk, which will be replaced at some point with a rotating book display for selling cheap paperbacks. I have to make it, that's why it is "at some point". I do have instructions for a modern version, but I want to make it look steam-punk inspired, so some thinking is required as to how I can bash my supplies for a good Victorian-looking display. I suspect bits of jewelry findings are going to find their way into that project.

A close-up of the shop interior through the window; I still need to make quite a few more books to fill in the shelves, obviously, although the shelves that show in this photo are, of course, those with the fewest books! Yesterday, I spent a day shopping in Bangor, ME and I picked up the nice little globe there, actually part of a charm, that is sitting on the central bookshelf. The other half of the charm was a pair of scale binoculars, which will get a  leather carrying case and then be displayed in the companion piece to the books vignette, this year's CMHH project (I hope).


And I forgot to photograph a few items I picked up from an estate sale while at camp, and a hat on a stand which I got in a silent auction there. The hat and the "wicker" ottoman are for my daughter's dollhouse, as it is Edwardian in period. The writing slope will likely go into one of the Tudor interiors; it is a very fine piece, signed "MJH 79", I think. The crate of apples will go into the between-the-wars market scene, while the wool tapestry rug is going to go into this year's camp project. It is a very fine wool piece, at a minimum, 24 ct. I have worked at that count, but only in cotton floss. The wool used is likely crewel wool, it's the only thing fine enough at this scale not to have a mile of wool fuzzies stick up above the canvas base!

Other than tidying away the stuff I took to camp - some of which appears to have been misfiled by me - is all I have done mini-wise lately. We are coming up to our show in less than two weeks, and that is taking a lot of our attention, to make sure everything goes smoothly. There is a meeting this evening to see how far along we are with the preparations, and still lots to do before the actual day.

It may be a little quiet again on this blog....


  1. Me encanta el resultado de la escena,es preciosa y esa librería giratoria de libros de bolsillo,quedará genial en ella!!!
    Muy buen trabajo!!

  2. The book shop looks great Marijke. I cannot wait to see it next week! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB