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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Our First Show Report!

From all indications, it was a huge success! Only one complaint about low sales, and one who found it too hard to travel. We had one of our members volunteer in the kitchen - which was available to vendors and exhibitors - and that went over remarkably well; food was kept fresh, there was always coffee and tea, and a smile and good conversation. Shows we have attended do have a kitchen available, but no one really to look after it. The member in the kitchen, who has had lots of church cookery experience, had made 44 1/2 doz. cookies and squares! We all went home with a few left-overs.

By 2 p.m., 4 hours into the show, it is estimated we had had at least 100 visitors; given the weather was depressingly wet and stormy, and a provincial political nomination convention was being held in town at the same time, that was very good for a brand-new, limited niche type of show, we think. Aside from a brief lull around lunch time, attendance was constant and steady, and no one packed up early, except for one vendor who said he had sold out a quarter of an hour before the show ended. We hope to have the actual numbers of attendees available early in the next week.

We had 6 young ladies aged 7 to 12 for the free children's class, and 4 adults for the free adults' class, also pretty good numbers; our maximum had been 10 each. It appears we may have recruited 3 new members for our club.

The newspaper article appeared in the Friday paper (a morning paper), and that brought in quite a few of our customers. A lovely article, lots of print and a couple of very nice photos; it was the best advertising we could have hoped for. Even people not truly interested in miniatures and dolls confessed to having come just to see what it was all about.

We are already thinking we may have to look for larger quarters for next year....

I didn't take any photos, as I was too busy, but some of our members did and I will try to get one or two to put on the blog. The show was miniatures, doll houses and dolls, and included antique dolls, vintage Barbie and 18" doll clothing and accessories.


  1. Congratulations on a Successful show! I can hear the excitement in your words and am Very Happy to hear that already you are planning for a larger venue for next year. Keep up the momentum going forward! :D


  2. Fantastic. I guess you had better get started for next year now! I am sure it will be an even bigger crowd!

  3. Genial! me alegra mucho el éxito obtenido,para la próxima,seguro,acudirá más gente!!