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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Oh, The Joys of New Programming

Warning! This is a rant.

Somehow or other, I ended up with a long comment in Arabic characters on the last entry; when translated, it turned out to be an advertisement for Real Life window replacements. Duh! What? From Canada, am I likely to order windows from somewhere in the Middle East? I don't think so!

This is the second time that someone's ad appeared in the blog's Comments section. Please be aware that I DO NOT permit these ads, that is not what the blog is for. The purpose of this blog is to share ideas with any miniaturists who are interested in doing so. Any and all ads in the comments section will be deleted immediately (or as soon as I can figure out how to get rid of them).

The rant is now over.

Welcome to my newest followers. One more day of things other than miniatures waiting to be finished, and I will begin posting miniatures-related content again; recently, I was asked to make up some plant kits, and I will detail that experiment here on the blog. As I have not done any printed instructions for any of the projects I do/have done, until now, it will be a learning curve, so blog readers may become my alpha (or is that beta?) test group.

Also, I thought if I included the instructions on the blog, with photos, it might be easier for those persons who will be getting the kits. In 38 days (if I added things up correctly), it will be time for Camp MiniHaHa 2016, so minis are definitely taking a front seat for the next few weeks. And Camp is where these kits are headed for....

No wonder I have endless UFO's (UnFinishedObjects) lying about and have such a hard time finishing anything in a timely fashion. I have too many hobbies!


  1. Those ads are left by 'bots', which are programs written by people to run automated tasks on the internet. So, there's no sentient person posting the ads in your blog comments. It's a piece of software. They are one of the inconveniences of blogs and forums on the internet. You may be able to adjust your security settings to allow only people you have approved of to leave comments on your posts, but that will require taking a much more active role in accepting new followers, if it's an option on blogspot.

    Otherwise, all you can do really is to delete the bot 'comments' should they appear.

    1. I should add that internet 'bots' are one of the reasons that many sites have you 'prove you are not a robot' before they allow you to make a new account. That's what all those captcha and recaptcha things are about - trying to counteract bots. :)

  2. Too many hobbies??? I don't understand - what can that possibly mean? I didn't know there was any such thing! *smile*. I'm very excited about your upcoming flower kits though. You've got m hooked! - Marilyn D.

  3. Your flower kits sound Very Intriguing and I, like Marilyn D. am excited too!