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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Still Working Away

There is now a wooden base for my book vignette, and I have begun to cut the sidewalk pieces for it. My first batch was 3/4" squares (about 2 cm), but I am not entirely happy with them. The sidewalk is narrow, about 5 cm, and sits on the front and the door side of the vignette. I want the sidewalk to look Victorian, as the setting is steam punk, but something is slightly off with my idea of the small tiles.

You may notice that I have changed my profile; thanks to Marilyn D., I was able to go in and add some gadgets to the blog. I needed to change that there was no club, as we have had F.A.M.E. since December of 2014. There will be some other blogs added to the list of those that I consult regularly, but I still have to follow the script for how to do it very closely! I do wish computers came with instruction manuals....

Also on the drawing board, metaphorically speaking, is an ornate street light for the corner of the vignette; it is to be a composite of a design in Dolls House and Miniature Scene, and an idea I found on the internet. I want it to be somewhat over-decorated, so I have to look for the right things to use for the base and standard; the light itself will be a LED light, working off a hidden battery, and I will likely have to use a spray paint to paint it. Using spray paint seems bad, somehow, as I do try to be kind to the environment.

And our F.A.M.E. group is putting on a miniature and doll show locally, on October 22. We've begun contacting some of the people we spoke to regarding the idea of a show, and hope to have a good representation of  exhibitors and vendors. We've been having a lot of fun with our appearances at the local model railroad club's show, and thought we should try one of our own. It is exciting but also rather scary....

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  1. Glad my instructions weren't too confusing, Marijke. As for the sidewalk, were you thinking the tiles were too small? I was kind of thinking that, in Victorian times, the sidewalks, if paved at all, would have been cobble stones which were actually half again smaller than the 3/4" (9" in real life), weren't they? Heck - I don't know but I know you will have it all sussed out before I can figure it out! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB