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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Progress, But No Photos

Yesterday afternoon, Marilyn D. soldered the wires onto my LED lighting strip for the book vignette shop. It is now in place, so my next step is to actually glue the pieces of the building together. Once that is dry, I can decide on a base for the vignette; I visualise a stone slab sidewalk, with a doorstep in front of the shop door, and a street light on the corner. I could put a box of inexpensive books, like pocket novels, for sale near the door outside, and add some litter and street clutter.

To hide the battery pack, I will have to design a steam punk incinerator that is perfectly safe and, of course, smokeless, to sit at the end of the shop. This would be for paper and cardboard rubbish, typical of a book shop. (No recycling has been invented, yet, in my steam punk universe!) The incinerator will, of course, have to have dials and knobs and a chimney; it should be fun to create.

Back to finishing up a nearly finished quilt project now.....

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