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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Photos for Previous Post, or Part 2

As I've said many times before, I am not that great with a computer. That said, I couldn't figure out how to insert/edit my previous post, so here is part 2.
The above image shows the Tudor House taken partly apart; the house breaks down into 3 separate boxes, with the plugs for the electricity hiding behind a false wall in the kitchen fireplace. In order to break the house down, we had to insert an additional plug, and run grooves for several wires. Then we were out of batteries, so that meant a run into town for batteries. However, the lights all light up again, as do both fireplaces. Success! Now a bit of outside work to go. A photo of the building is on the book we used to build this house. The binder has electrification instructions and is much too big for what is in it; another project, move the instructions to a smaller binder! I much prefer LED lights on tiny batteries, but didn't want to get into retrofitting this project, as the wires for the 4-light candle wheel upstairs are carefully hidden in the central roof support structure.

Going back over the blog, I discovered I hadn't  posted a photo of the Tudor Apothecary Shop in its current, outside-is-done state. So here it is! We pushed ahead on this for a show this past April, and it has sat since then while I worked on other pieces. For this one, the interiors need aging and the furnishings need to be done, but it is lower down on the to-do list as I have to work on things for the December show. I hope to add an apothecary garden to the side with the red shutters, some of the plants for it are already made, but I can't seem to find the English Tudor garden that I was getting my design inspirations from any more - it is in one of the garden books in our public library....

Come January, I am going back to a Japanese room box; it is actually an outside scene, with a partial inside scene diagonally across the back. This came from a Japanese book I picked up in The Netherlands a couple of years ago (it really is a very global village!), kind of fun because I can't read Japanese so I sort of have to extrapolate the instructions for it. That vignette, which I had assumed was small, is in fact quite big, shockingly so, which is why it has lingered as long as it has. However, I am partnering via the internet with a miniaturist in Oregon who is also working on a Japanese scene, mostly garden like mine is going to be, who is also in a rut with her project. We hope to encourage each other and thus get both our projects on track again. No photo yet, I will be blogging more about that project come the new year.

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