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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Back to Miniatures

Now that some of the other, urgent projects are behind me, I can return to working with my miniature structures, to get them show-ready for Dec. 6/14. On that day, FAME (Fredericton Area Miniature Enthusiasts) will be showcasing dollhouse miniatures at the local Model Railroaders Show. We hope to uncover a few more "closet" miniaturists.

The Tudor House is going to be the big structure at the show, and to make it show-ready it needs some rehabilitation work. The lighting works off a battery pack, and some of the very fine wiring had broken loose during previous transport to shows. Also, the bedroom is getting a fire - after all, it is winter now. The corbels are finally going to go on, and if time permits, the chimney will be bricked and topped off. The last strip of roofing needs to be placed, now that we have figured out a system to do that. And the dust was horrendous! The Real-Life hardwood floors were refinished in September, and dust has gotten everywhere in the Tudor House, even in places that I thought were closed up completely.

Then, I need to permanently attach the hutch top to the base for my lamp vignette; the five of us who were at Camp MiniHaHa hope to display them together, to show how very individualistic the same project can become. I suspect I will have to support the hutch at the back of the unit, as the only surfaces available for gluing are about 2 mm (1/16") thick. The table needs to be made, and a couple of stools or benches. Then I can place the pewter pieces that this lamp vignette was intended to showcase.

And, if time permits, I'd like to prepare some stock for the inside-outside Provencal scent shop. That means gluing labels onto beads and gluing tops to those beads, making boxes to display them, and waxing everything down to the shelves so nothing will come off during the show. That piece is best displayed on a turntable, so all sides can be seen, and some people like to see turntables, well, turn....

I am going to publish this now as is, and add photos later this evening....

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