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Friday, 20 December 2013

Still Working on the Roof Structure

The roof is slowly being built, in between all the other things that keep one busy prior to the very busy - insane, really - holiday season. I kind of wish Christmas was just a religious holiday again; the incredible commercial hype, and people's general bad attitude this time of year, do not make a good holiday any more. My youngest daughter, who works retail, comes home exhausted every evening, full of stories of angry, demanding customers....

Looking into the upper room from the front of the building, you can see the echo of the lower story doorway design. The floorboards are iron-on veneer tape, a job my C-in-C took on, and have been stained in my favourite Ipswich Pine. At this point, the inside has paint on it, a textured suede finish in a pale ivory colour. Because the ultimate view into this room is going to be very limited, I decided against putting in timbering. However, I will do a bit of timbering on the outside of the doorway, the panel has been set back a bit to allow me to do that. This area might only get one light, so it will be quite dark at the best of times.

These are the roof louvers, which have been assembled around a balsa wood core to make the whole construction sturdier. They will be painted, and the little roof panels for them will have slate tiling like the rest of the roof.  I would like to try using lead tape to make flashing around them, they did use lead for things like gutters and downspouts in the Tudor period, so I hope I am sort of correct.

Not the greatest leap forward in the design, but these little vents have taken more than a week to put together. I cheated, using very small strips from left-over miniature ship building to make the vents, rather than laboriously grooving each of the six panels. Each upper and lower edge has to be be bevelled to fit flush onto the angle of the roof, a lot of work.  Next, they will be painted and attached to the roof. The slate strips are ready and waiting, heaven knows when I will actually get around to that!

Thanks for sticking with the slower pace lately, I hope to get back up to speed again very soon.  A lot of people are visiting this blog; hopefully, this means I am not the only Tudor enthusiast in the world of miniatures. Let me know what you are doing, and what you think of my attempts....

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