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Friday, 13 December 2013

A Little Fairy Tale

This may well be the very first Camp MiniHaHa project I ever did; if it is not the first, it would be only the second. This delightful fairy was a project taught by the late Joy Parker of Swallowhill Dolls, offered in the community hall down the road from Debbie P.'s summer cottage in Harbourville, Nova Scotia, which hosted Camp MiniHaHa for a few years in the very beginning. At that time, we were 10 women sharing rooms and sometimes a bed, in order to be able to spend time with like-minded miniaturists and learn something new while having lots of fun.

This poor fairy was intended to go into a dome setting, with driftwood, shells, coral and the like around her little tidal pool. She has outlived two domes, and is currently living on a shelf in my closet so the cat won't make off with her. The last dome lived on a windowsill in the spare bedroom, and we have no idea how that dome cracked - we suspect the cat may have knocked into it, or else a guest had an accident and didn't want to own up to it! While pouring the resin for the pool, a serendipitous accident happened, and the resin developed some interior fractures, which look like sunlight is shining on the tidal pool. There are real, very tiny shells and fragments of coral in that pool, picked off the beach below the cottage.

Her wings are printed on a transparency and decorated with Swarovsky crystals. I love this little fairy, and will have to keep my eye out for yet another dome for her to live in - it just needs to be high enough to accommodate her, and wide enough for a little beach landscaping. Her dress is made from vintage lame fabric (that "e" should have an accent on it!), which reminded me of fish-scales, and seemed appropriate for a seaside fairy.

In the meantime, the roof has been cut for the apothecary workshop, the interior painted and flooring installed, and it is time to get to work on the roof vents. However, it is getting closer to Christmas, and I am finishing off some close-to-being-finished handwork projects, so the roof will have to wait a few more days. Then I will do an update, hopefully, to be followed by how to apply the roof strips.

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