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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Designing a Dollhouse Garden and Making Plants

Last year's Camp MiniHaHa project has been tidied up a bit, reinforced by wooden framing on the edges of the vignette and along the interior floor. The edges of the walls were framed with wood veneer strips to hide the pink bufoam, but were unable to correct the bowing of the uninterrupted wall; you can see the shadow created by the bow in the foam. I've decided to live with this; really, I have no other choice, if I try to bend things I'll wreck the whole structure, most likely.

These are some of the flowers I've prepared to landscape the outside of the vignette. Some of them were from the kits we were provided with, some are my own design. The next step will be to plant them to see how they will work best. I am hoping to have a wrought-iron fence along the edge of the setting, but have to see if that will hide the flowers too much. I kind of think I will need something like a clematis climbing up the wall by the chimney to extend the garden upwards a little. Designing a miniature garden is almost as much work as designing a full-size one! And of course, there is the birdhouse with the robin, and the cat, to fit in as well.

The areas painted dark brown are going to be garden beds, along the chimney wall, and a slate walkway in front of the shop. The bare section is where I hope to put the polymer clay "granite" footings for the fence, as you can see there isn't all that much space. I think there may be a shabby chic wrought iron plant holder by the window, and some other planters and pots as well. This little scene needs lots of colour.

It is intended to be a little shop in the area of France where they grow flowers for the perfume industry, primarily lavender, although I will have other scents available as well. This means making lots of bottles, all of which will need nice labels, which I have yet to find. Also, soap and bath salts and toilet water and other pretty scented items. And of course, furnishings for inside the shop. I did buy some very nice pieces at Victoria Miniland in March, but am leaning towards making my own after all; I visualize this place as being rather shabby chic in appearance, so somewhat worn off-white or white appeals to me for the furniture finishes.

While in Arnhem last March, I bought a wonderful sheet of printies from Iris Arentz, which will inspire the interior of the shop. She did a soap market stall, which is the inspiration for my project.
Lots of saturated colour, like deep gold and purple....


  1. I love the color and variety of your flowers.

  2. Thank you, Diane. It's fun to try and reproduce flowers in 1/12. I kind of go with the idea that it's "set dressing", and that if it looks like what it's supposed to be, I've done it right.