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Monday, 10 June 2013

Mini Day Out and the Miniature Doll-Making Class

 Half of the room, industriously working on the bodies for their miniature people, who were mostly in the oven at this point....

Other half of the room, the rain had finally ceased and there was a sort of view out the window.

Some of the miniature people, some with bodies, some without, none of them painted as yet.

 Short, tall, chubby, slender, beautiful, homely - another look at the little people. The well-endowed lady is an elderly witch. The lady at top right even has her face painted!

We even had a bathing beauty, who will be in a bubble bath. And those long limbs belong to a fairy as yet without a body.

This was such a fun day, everyone got right into doll-making. Most of the participants had never made a doll before, so the results are really quite amazing. We began the day in serious rain thanks to Andrea, the storm, but only one person was unable to make it. The participants appeared to have a lot of fun, too.

Some of the participants were old friends from Camp MiniHaHa, but many more were people I had never met before. The Mini Day Out is a joint venture of the Valley and Halifax-Dartmouth mini and doll groups. They have two of these a year, as well as their regular meetings, of course.

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