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Monday, 17 June 2013

Another Miniature Medieval Tapestry Completed

This design came from one of the British magazines, and I loved the colours, so of course, I had to make it. It is kind of scary, really, that I know so many of the DMC embroidery floss colours off by heart....

Like many of my pieces, the embroidery was finished a year or more ago, but I had not as yet backed it or put the loops on; one of the things  about myself I am really trying to change, is to completely finish something rather than partly finish it.

What I like about it is the lovely, faded colours, which remind me of a fresco painting. The design is quite old, a Moorish ship, I believe, and one doesn't often get to use turquoise and purple in a piece without it being garish. And the border; chartreuse green and maroon just happen to be favourites of mine. The piece was done on 32 or 36 ct. Monaco or Davos-type fabric, rather too thick for minis. I should have used linen, but I don't always have the smaller counts around when inspiration strikes. There are still a couple of tiny pillows worked on the same fabric to finish.

I finished another project too, today, so I should rest well tonight!

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