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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Some New Mini Acquisitions

A new hospice boutique opened in our city, with the money being raised going to help keep the newly built cancer hospice going. Items are donated free of charge, most of the staff is volunteers, and the stock keeps changing. Today was my first visit there, as the shop opened Feb. 18 - many snowstorms ago! Anyways, these two tiny ceramic planters are more fashion doll scale than 1/12 scale, but I thought it would be fun to create some floral arrangements in them, in the hope of selling them at a couple of upcoming shows. The left planter is a Piglet figurine, dressed in a scarf and earmuffs; I think that one would look good with hydrangeas in it. The right one is a mauve and yellow gift package, and irises might go well in that.
These 1/12 scale Christmas ornaments are a real tour de force; they were custom made for me by Mable, one of the members of our miniatures group. She sells fully decorated Christmas trees on Etsy, as well as single ornaments. These are about the size of a baby pea, with indented, fluted, silver centres with a colour accent; the outside of the opening is decorated with micro-glitter, and there are some micro-size brushed leaf shapes on some of them as well. These lovely little things will go into my eventual Christmas market stall - once I get some other things finished, that is!
It is the last day of February, which means tomorrow I will post a photo of yet another UnFinished  Object. This has not been a great month for working on minis, as I have been giving time to some of my other hobbies and finishing items for family members, as well as enjoying a visit from my older daughter, who lives in Northern Alberta. She was stuck in Toronto for a day due to snow on her way to us; travel in Canada in the winter is such a game of chance!
Today a parcel arrived for four of the members of our miniatures group, containing items we had ordered during a January sales special month from Grandpa's Dollhouse. In my package were many windows, doors and architectural items for my younger daughter's dollhouse, as well as a battery-operated LED flickering fire unit that is going into my lamp base vignette. Something to work on in March, along with some items for the upcoming miniature shows. My hands are suffering again this winter, I could use my fingertips for sandpaper, and as for fingernails, they break off before they are worthy of the name. Perhaps the oils in the polymer clay will help....

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  1. I love those ornaments by Mabel. I hope to see more of her work! What is her seller name on Etsy? I am glad you all enjoyed your parcel from my Daily Deals. You ladies are the best!