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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Follow-Up to Designing a Dollhouse Garden

So here is the garden as far as it is planted today - the back row of tall plants and the rose bush are in place. Next is the middle height row, for which I will have to make some more plants. The area right next to the fence is in shade, so it needs some shade-tolerant plants, like astilbe and hostas. I've made some of the former, but have yet to make the hostas. My real life garden has a large area that is in shade quite a bit of the time, and it contains half a dozen or more different astilbe varieties and at least a dozen, if not more, hostas. So that will be part of my plan for tomorrow - unless the weather is warm and sunny, in which case I may do something out of doors. The rose bush still needs a number of buds, for which I have to go through my supply of mustard or other seeds. Painted the right colour, with a sepal of painted paper, they make very convincing buds.

I don't know what happened to the previous picture, the computer just wouldn't recognize it. So I took another one. At least in this one the dirty dishes in the sink don't show up! Just egg cartons, baby wipes and scissors and other stuff used to build this garden.

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