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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Catching Up Once Again....

I'm feeling very guilty for not posting more - but I have excuses. Well, for the next little while I have excuses.

First of all, I was away to the west coast and Alberta, visiting family and attending my son's wedding. This Saturday I am my designer daughter's assistant for the Red Dress Campaign fashion show in Moncton, as well as helping her sew some trims. Next week Saturday is the Moncton Miniature and Doll Club Show, for which I've been doing some embroidery. Then, the middle of May my son and his wife are having the church wedding here in his hometown, for family and friends, with people literally coming from all over for the event. I am decorating the reception hall. Then, in early June, I will be heading to Nova Scotia to teach a one-day polymer clay doll-making course for a miniature day out event there.

So, it may be just a little while before I make another post or put up another how-to for plants. I think the next plant will be an iris, the leaves of my irises are just peeking up above the leaf mulch, and most of our snow is gone, just a little left deep among the trees.

Stick with me friends, I will return, I promise!

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