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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Still Around, Just Too Many Hobbies!

This is just a quick catch-up to say I haven't disappeared, just taking some time, while I have the energy, to finish up some UFO's (UnFinished Objects) from my other hobbies, quilting and embroidery. New Year's resolutions aren't my thing at all, too stressfull, but my mind is pushing me to finish some of the far too many other hobby projects that I haven't finished. Most of them just need a little more work to be done.

This weekend I layered and basted two quilts, a wall hanging and a lap quilt; the latter also required that a box full of pieced fabric had to be sewn together - the project has so many seams, my fingers hurt from pushing the needle through the layers. A third wall hanging got its pieced and mitered borders, now that is ready to be layered and basted. Three other, nearly finished wall hangings are in my "To-Do Basket"; I spent part of today sewing on applique panels on one of them. More sore fingers!

Then there are several nearly finished cross-stitch pieces, all small counts, and my eyes are just not as good as they used to be. Two of the pieces are elaborate Christmas pieces, so I started back to work on them in the hope of having them ready to give away at Christmas 2013. Also, I may need to go on to a higher count of fabric if my eyes continue to give me problems. There hasn't been a change in my glasses prescription for a decade or longer, but I may need new ones this year....

With all the snow, I really want to get back to making some miniature flowers. The kits that we received at Camp MiniHaHa '12 are calling me. Maybe my pushy mind will allow me to have some fun with mini flowers later this week.


  1. I have lots of UFOs to work on, too! Bridesmaid dress, quilts, embroideries, crazy-quilted doll robe, etc.

  2. Hello! I was glad to find your blog. The market stalls are great. I am pleased to find out that we have so much in common (Wall hangings, needlepoint) I am very interested in your aging techniques and your carboard roof. I will be re-reading those posts.
    Please stop by and look at my blog. That way we can exchange Ideas