Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Small Progress Report


I've been working, slowly, on creating some more stock for my Christmas stall. The tiny green Christmas trees are made from chenille sticks and glitter, while the brown and white wooden ones were inspired by a Scandinavian Christmas ornament site. The leaping deer, two different kinds, are inexpensive laser cut ornaments from the $store, painted white, mounted on bases, and then dressed up with micro-glitter in white. Some of these will go into the stall, while others will go into my shop in a box, for whenever we are able to have or visit miniature shows again....

There are also two kinds of tiny laser-cut Christmas trees that I will make up for the stall; I need to experiment with the green glitter I have and see if it is small enough!

It is slow going; I think I am worn out  (more than!) a little by the Covid closures. Our small mini group has missed  two Wednesday meetings due to Real Life, but we were able to get together today. It is so helpful, tired of the restrictions as we are, to be able to meet up in person. We hope to work together again next week.


  1. The little trees are so cute! and I love the reindeer.

  2. Thanks Sheila. I saw the trees being made on an ad and thought, those would work. They're very easy to make; wind a chenille stick around a pencil tip, use clear glue all over and then dip in glitter. Done!