Friday, 15 September 2023

New Group (just 2 of us) Project

 The proper size heart punch has not as yet arrived, and we'll be heading off for a short vacation shortly, so Marilyn and I decided to get started on our joint winter project, a maple sugaring diorama which we will donate to our local living history museum, Kings Landing Historical Settlement, for use during their Maple Sugaring Weekends end March of each year.

Marilyn and her chief carpenter are starting on the actual diorama (roombox), while I'm beginning the many pieces needed to flesh out this scene. I've begun with a pair of evaporating pans, and hope to have a photo in the next day or so. We are working with instructions by Ruth Armstrong, published in 3 parts in the summer 1992 issues of Nutshell News. Mrs. Armstrong specialised in metal miniatures, but we are not metal-workers, so we'll be using card, matte board, wood and the like to create our sugaring equipment. 

We are awaiting the landfall of Hurricane Lee, which we all fervently hope will be downgraded to a tropical storm when it hits our shores; however, we are moving everything that could be picked up by heavy winds to a safe, roofed place. We'll likely take the clothesline down too, as the last time we had a really bad storm, a tree came down on it and tore off part of corner cedar siding on our house.


  1. I hope you avoid the worst of the storm and stay safe! I have been watching the approach closely as I live in western New England. We will miss the strongest of the winds, thankfully! Your project looks like a lot of fun!

  2. It's expected to hit here Saturday night; I hope it changes its mind and moves out to the open sea! Hope you are spared the hurricane mess too, Daydreamer!

  3. Watching and hoping for you guys! Sending good thoughts, prayers and angels, Marijke! Stay safe!
    The new project sounds wonderful! Tell Marilyn "Hi" and let her know I miss her inspirational posts!
    Let us know soon how you faired in the storm!

    1. Thanks Jodi! We've been without power for half a day, but now it's back; hopefully, it will stay on!